Food Service Management Companies

2019 / 2020 New and Renewal Contract Documentation and Templates

Click here for the New and Re-Bid Contract Documentation and Templates.
Click here for the Renewing Contract Documentation and Templates.


  • Modification of the posted contract documentation and templates is strictly prohibited.
  • If the Request for Proposal and Contract is altered in any manner without prior approval, it may be considered an unapproved contract and may result in SFA being required to pay its FSMC using funds other than the school nutrition funds. In addition, any changes, amendments, letter agreements, subcontracts, etc., must also be submitted to TDA for approval.
  • Submit your documentation/information:
 - Upload via TXUNPS as part of the application packet 

SFAs must provide a completed copy of the Request for Proposal and Contract, with supporting documentation and the criteria for evaluation, before advertising, to TDA for approval no later than February 15 of the procurement year
  • Any Request for Proposal and Contract submitted after that date may not allow enough time to complete the required approval process by April 30 of the procurement year; therefore, the SFA would have to self-operate its food service operation.


SFAs must notify TDA each year of the remaining four years of the contract of the SFA’s intent to renew the contract for TDA approval by April 30 of each year.

The FSMC contract is not considered executable until approval has been granted by TDA. Failure to submit by the appropriate due date may result in longer than usual review and possible TDA approval.  

TDA Approved FSMC Vendor List Registration

FSMC registration for 2019 is open.  The due date for applications is August 1, 2019. 

  • All FSMC's must be registered to do business in Texas at the time of application and must maintain registration to provide services in Texas.
  • Currently approved FSMC Vendor: Registration is valid and approved until 2021.
  • New FSMC Vendors that are approved for 2019 will also have a valid registration until 2021.

Click here to view the current FSMC Vendor List.

Registration for Next School Year
To apply for inclusion on the TDA Approved FSMC Vendors list, click here for the FSMC Registration Packet.

FSMC Vendor Eligibility Notice

At the time of application (and while listed on the TDA-approved FSMC Vendor List) businesses must be registered to do business in the State of Texas, and remain in good standing with the Texas Secretary of State (SOS) as well as the Office of the Comptroller (OTC). Also, the legal name of the organization as it is listed by the SOS and the OTC must match the legal name as noted on the application.


FSMC Rules and Regulations
Food Distribution Policy Memo FD-110 clarifies requirements in crediting for, and use of, USDA donated foods in contracts with Food Service Management Companies, and provides guidance to ensure compliance with such requirements in the first and final years of such contracts. 

Click here for USDA Guidance on Contracting with Food Service Management Companies.


To assist in resolving or addressing possible disputes or contract issues that may occur during the contractual term, TDA reminds all contracting entities (CE) to utilize a dispute resolution process in the event of a possible conflict arising between the CE and the Food Service Management Company during the course of the contract.  Any dispute resolution process should be reviewed and approved by the district’s legal representative(s); please note that TDA cannot provide any legal advice to non-TDA staff/groups. 
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